Welcome aboard the Uncontrolled Bar Ship Abandon!

As a result of the unique resources available around the Chicago Cluster, we have the vital responsibility of being the fleet's Heavy Ordnance Supply Vessel thrust upon us. It's a tough job seeking out new and interesting ways to increase the firepower of the fleet ordnance, but it's a task we gladly take on... again and again!

We're just completing the process of bringing the Abandon's systems into line with the rest of the fleet as we complete our first five-year mission. Our Ginny Memory Core upgrade is not completely compatible with the Abandon's systems. A modern bar ship is highly automated, with a top shelf AI. Ever wonder what happens when your AI gets uppity? It's not easy performing construction and maintenance activities after testing out the new ordnance, but we're getting there.

And of course remember:
If it's worth doing.... it's worth doing with Abandon!

--Capt. Ron AƱejo