Greetings Sentients! Welcome aboard the Uncontrolled Bar Ship Abandon!

Being in the Chicago cluster makes the Abandon a rare gem in the Fleet. She is proudly the Heavy Ordnance Supply Vessel with the vital responsibility to ensure the delivery of the highest quality and octane inebrium to across the Fleet. We on the Abandon take that very seriously - especially the research and development part of our job…

Ginny, our lovely AI in charge of the Abandon's systems is fully integrated into our sleek and modern barship. Most of the time. There might be some errors, but I like to think of them as happy little accidents. I don't think the crew feels the same way when she adjusts the amount of inebrium to "surprise" in the ship's stores.

And of course remember:
If it's worth doing.... it's worth doing with Abandon!

Captain Anita Drynke