UBS Abandon   BCC 104

Barfleet Protocols

Although we of Barfleet no longer follow standard Starfleet protocols, we of course recognize the need for some semblance of order in the lives of both officers and their slav...subordinates. As such, we occasionally introduce interesting, amusing, or curiously incomprehensible rules and regulations aboard ship. These protocols are largely ignored unless they present some form of entertainment to the guests of Barfleet, so we try to limit the number of protocols we're actively enforcing to correspond to the number of guests we have on board at the time.

In this section, we will present a sampler of the more popular Barfleet protocols, based on years of hard-won party experience. We are also forced to include some slightly boring things, like factual explanations, but we think you'll find that they will only add to your overall Barfleet experience. If not, well, you're not losing money, right?

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U.B.S. Abandon - BCC-104

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