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How do I join Barfleet?

That’s easy…and not.

Barfleet membership isn’t terribly exclusive, but it’s also not open to just anyone. We have some standards and some requirements, and being a member of an all-volunteer group means that we expect more out of our members than the average fan group or gaming club.

Generally, we only consider members who are located geographically close to one of our chapters. If you don’t live near an existing chapter, then you can either work towards getting one in your area or explain to us what contributions you can make without one.

All Barfleet members must be over the age of 21. There are dues paid to the local chapter, along with whatever other contributions you can make to our ongoing missions: labor, skills, or simply enthusiastic support. There is also our semi-loose rank structure to consider, based primarily on Starfleet and the subject of much drinking and amusement during our more private parties. More about this aspect can be found in the section on Barfleet Protocols.

If you live near one of our chapters and want to join, you can either contact them directly or show up at a party they’re hosting and let the staff know you’re interested. The recruitment process (in)formally starts with filling out and submitting the Recruit Application, which notifies our command staff and gets you onto the recruits' e-list - where announcements of upcoming crew events are posted.

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