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Stardate 22110.31

Bardate 22110.31

The Q have thrown a wonderful curve ball at me in the past few months. A full taco and nacho bar, mariachis following me around… and well, with that kind of fanfare and dedication – they made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

This will be my last journal entry as the Captain of the U.B.S. Abandon, but it will not be the last you will see of me. I will be travelling the galaxy as an ambassador and doing exhausting inebrium research to report back. It is hard work, but honest. Someone has to bring new inebrium to Barfleet.

Cmdr Anita Drynke will be taking the helm of the Abandon and her crew and I could not be happier that someone with the drive and experience will be taking the Abandon on her new chapter. I look forward to rendezvousing with the Abandon on the regular to keep tabs on her crew.

Now, I must find myself a Mr. Homn and speak to a Betazoid tailor about getting my kaftan collection in order.

Stardate 22110.27

Greetings crew members!
As Halloween approaches I hope everyone has embraced the season of pumpkin carving, candy stashing and getting your inner ghoul on. It's been a long strange time as we all enjoyed the break from staying home to stay safe, (Yay Science and Vaccines!) The turn-out for our Picnic in August was fantastic and I anticipate at least one more outdoor event before the Chicago winter slams into us. Who knows, maybe the weather during WindyCon will be kind to us. It would be great to gather with our lunches, or even an outdoor grill, to share our adventures, troubles, awful jokes and terrible puns. Plus I saw Dune and would love a good in person conversation!

Be safe, be smart and watch out for wild tribbles.
Chief Recreation Officer
Liz D'Lush

Stardate 22101.24

Greetings fellow crewmates!

Happy New Year! Hopefully all of you are well and safe during this unprecedented time.
For amusement purposes, we've been hosting almost weekly virtual events via Zoom, Twitch, but mainly on Barfleet Discord. We have had Jackbox Games, watch parties, breadmaking, and hoping to incorporate more events such as crafting, cooking, and more!
If you haven't joined any of our past events, we'd love to see you! We primarily run them in the 10 Forward lounge on Barfleet Discord, but definitely keep an eye out for those emails, our Facebook page and Discord for event announcements. Please join us in the future! We also welcome ideas for events! Just let us know!
Speaking of Virtual events, Capricon is coming up in less than 2 weeks! If you haven't seen the announcements already, check your emails, our Facebook page, and the event channel on Barfleet Discord regarding Capricon. We will have our DJs spin their sets Friday night, and then we will run Jackbox gaming Saturday night with Insane Ian first followed by SnuSnu, then the following Sunday we will have Coffee with the Captain. If any of you have other ideas on activities you'd like for the Abandon to do, please reach out to your department heads, but don't take too long! We have less than 2 weeks left!
Thanks everyone and hope to see you all at Virtual Capricon in under 2 weeks!

LCDR Shiho, out...with booze...and lesson planning...and more booze...with blackjack…and...

Stardate 22011.13

Stardate 22011.13
CDR Liz D'Lush
Chief Recreation Officer, UBS Abandon

Greetings from the Reba Kitty Cluster!
I’m still quarantined here, but have been promoted to making sure Queen Chonkybutt is satisfied. Much better than Litter Detail, that was an icky job. Currently Queen Chonkybutt demands that her green blankie be arranged ‘just so’, the cooler temperatures mean more napping. And of course, food bowl filling. Captain Chewy came through for me at the last minute, so we won’t starve! (whew)

This weekend I’m going to virtually visit the BreezyCon system, they were kind enough to build out a website for everyone!
The website is
And I found that Barfleet warranted their OWN TAB! How special! You can see the events we are sharing with the humanoids of BreezyCon.
And on their Discord, which you can join from their front page, we have our own channel! They must like us.

See you for MASH trivia, or Jackbox Saturday night, or if you want to hang out with me and make stuff, I’ll be doing that Saturday at 4pm central. Zooooooom!

Be safe! Don’t forget to wear your space helmet (aka Mask)

Stardate 22010.31

Stardate 22010.31
CDR Anita R. Drynke, Chief Communications Officer, UBS Abandon

In a normal world, today would be full of costumes & children & candy & warm cider, There would be jack-o-lanterns & parties & rituals tonight when the veil is thinnest. This is not a normal world.

I've written & deleted this log many times. It's so hard to decide what to say,

When we were designing the pandemic protocol for the EMH, I figured if it was ever triggered it would be by an alien life form brought back from exploring a new planet. I was wrong. There are over a million new portraits on ofrenda worldwide due to a virus evolved right here on Earth, a virus we continue to battle. We remain separate from our ship, our fleet, visiting on Zoom & Discord, but rarely in person. Of our regular ports of call, both Windycon for 2020 & Capricon for 2021 are cancelled. Both are planning virtual events, as have many conventions throughout the year.

Still we persevere. Many of us are cooking more & sharing our recipes & pictures of the foods we'd share if we could gather in person. Our inebrium research continues as well. Our crafters are doing beautiful work as they look forward to a day they can show it to us all in person.

And life goes on. I went to a wedding this morning & the bride was no less beautiful because there were only 5 of us in the room, including the judge. She wore a pretty mask with her dress, but you could see the smile in her eyes & the love on both of their faces. It gave me hope.

We will get to the other side of this. Until we do, please take care of yourselves & of each other. Wear your mask. The surest thing we can do when we have to go out is to properly mask, to protect each other from a disease that we don't always know we have, that is contagious before symptoms appear. We want to see each of you on the other side of this pandemic. Masking will help that happen.

Until then, Sláinte!

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