UBS Abandon   BCC 104

The Abandon Double-Wall Tumbler

Availability: Accepting Preorders

Ready to take "don't let tiny cup happen to you" to the next level? We will be ordering these customized 20 ounce double wall insulated tumblers with delivery at Relaxia in June 2020! The tumblers include the pictured lid and straw, and are made of acrylic.

If you are interested in buying one or more of this tumbler, please fill out the below form. Please note that while you will be making a donation at this time, we will not have the tumblers until June 2020.

These tumblers can be received with a donation of $15 for one and $25 for two, plus a $1 fee for every $25 donated to cover card processing fees. ($1 for $25 or less, $2 for $26 to $50, etc.)

   Cost: $15 + $1 Fee

U.B.S. Abandon - BCC-104

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